Monday, February 8, 2010

223. Buckeye Hippie IPA

Buckeye Brewing is located in Lakewood, OH, although currently their website is “in development,” which means it has a header page and pretty much nothing else. Forced to choose, I would agree with their decision to focus on beer, but it gives me very little to pull in way of informational resources. So thanks for making my job harder than it already is, Buckeye Brewing. We had this on tap @ South Park Tavern.

Hippie IPA has a hoppy nose that is slightly grassy as well as a decent caramel/crystal malt aroma. Pouring a deep burnished copper with a light white head, Hippie IPA starts with a caramel and lightly bready front before moving into grassy and spicy hop flavors along with a decent amount of bitterness. The finish is also spicy with a return of some of the sweetness from the front and lingering resin flavors. Hippie IPA is medium bodied with a medium carbonation bite in the second third of the beer; the mouthfeel has some dryness, and a slight amount of puckering from the hops. Good beer overall—Hippie IPA is very much an American IPA with the caramel flavor in the front. It could is bit more hop flavor in the middle and malt complexity to build a more nuanced beer, but that can also be par for the course with an American IPA.

All the lovely breweries located in Ohio. What’s up, Dayton? Where are your breweries?

ABV: 6.8%


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