Sunday, February 21, 2010

236. Lake Placid Ubu Ale

This is our first beer from Lake Placid Craft Brewing, located in Lake Placid, NY. Ubu Ale pours a deep chocolate color with ruby highlights; the head is ivory with some lacing. The nose is a mix of dark malt sweetness and some chocolate accompanied by lower levels of biscuit, toffee, and fruit. Opening with a good dose of maltiness backed by a light, dry chocolate flavor, Ubu moves into dark fruit flavors in the middle with more of the darker malt sweetness before finishing with a low level punch of hop spiciness and bitterness and some lingering chocolate sweetness. The body is medium with some creaminess and a decent carbonation bite. We’re not really sure how to peg this one—it seems a mix between a brown and an ale; the fruitiness (especially as they are dark fruit flavors, more reminiscent of a dopplebock) seems a bit out of place, although not bad. Decently made beer, but not that exciting—it’s drinkable, but it wouldn’t be our first choice.

From the bottle: “The mountain village of Lake Placid was once home to a legendary chocolate lab named Ubu, the biggest dog you’ve ever seen with an uncanny nose for great beer. Deep garnet red in color this English-Style Ale is a tribute to the legend of Ubu. It features a smooth, rich maltiness complemented by just the right amount of hops. Here’s to the legend!”

ABV: 7.0%


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