Friday, February 19, 2010

234. Schafly IPA

This was our first beer from the Saint Louis Brewing Company—the brewery that makes Schafly Beer—which is located in Maplewood, MO. We had this beer in the lobby of the Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville, KY. This beer was bottled (with love) on 12/16/2009. We do like the “with love” part.

Schafly Pale Ale has a spicy hop nose that is also a bit resiny; the hop aroma is fresh and bright. There are also lower levels of malt sweetness in the nose to round things out. Color-wise, Schafly is an orange copper with a light white head; it starts with a bready malt flavor and a bit of spiciness. The middle is crisp with resin and spicy hop flavors and also a bit of bitterness before ending with a return of the biscuit and breadiness of the front and a lingering hop bitterness. Schafly Pale Ale has a chewy but bright mouthfeel; the body is medium to light and it has a medium carbonation bite. A clean, rounded, and crisp beer overall—the hop flavor is better than that of the aroma. This beer is totally drinkable; while not spectacular, it has no real faults to it, and is exactly what a regional beer should be. We’re already looking forward to our next trip where we can search out some Schafly APA on tap.

From the Schafly website: “Amber-colored, medium-bodied British-style ale with a smooth, mildly-hoppy character.”

ABV: 4.4%
OG: 11.5
IBU: 27
Calories per 12 oz. bottle: 155


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