Saturday, April 17, 2010

291b. Weasel Boy River Mink Mild Brown

Weasel Boy Brewing is located in Zanesville, OH; I had this on tap after my day of judging beer (see here) for the AHA NHC East Region. The brewery has some pretty cool space for hanging out and event activities, which was probably why they chose to hold events here.

River Mink Mild Brown pours a light brown—it looks somewhat like weak light coffee with a slight haze to it. The carbonation was light and pretty minimal; by the time I returned to my seat, it was down to just the ring. The nose had a light cola and brown malt nuttiness to it, and the opening flavors corresponded; there was some brown malt flavors to start with a light flat cola flavor and a delicate but interesting malt sweetness in the middle accompanied by low levels of nuttiness. River Mink Mild Brown has a clean finish with a lingering residual sweetness; the carbonation is medium to light, creating a soft mouthfeel with some creaminess to it. It is a bit brighter on the palate at the finish—there is a slight rise through the course of the beer. An excellent and drinkable beer, and a very good session beer for the evening—light, but also sufficiently complex and enjoyable.

From the Weasel Boy website: “This medium bodied brown beer features a smooth malt flavor with hints of chocolate and roast and just enough hops for balance. A popular style in English pubs, this is an easy drinking beer with a full flavor and a lower alcohol content.”

ABV: 3.8%


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