Monday, April 19, 2010

293. Fantôme Black Ghost

“That weird taste is getting stronger...”

More Fantôme means more good drinking for us. This is our fourth beer from Dany Prignon; we’ve already tried Brise-BonBons!, Saison D’Erezée Printemps, and Biére de Saison Pissenlit. Here’s to the Fantôme!

Black Ghost pours a murky caramel brown with an ivory head; the nose is herbal with hints of chocolate and cocoa and light sweetness running around the edges. Opening with bright herbal flavors accompanied by chocolate and some bright yeast esters and spiciness, Black Ghost turns to candy sweetness in the middle along with a continuation of the herbal and spicy flavors. It ends with herbal bitterness and cocoa dry chocolate and/or alkaline flavors, leaving something of a bright uptick in the mouth. Black Ghost has a medium body and medium carbonation, although it is a bit spritzy in the middle to final third. There is a good amount of dryness and an alkaline quality on the palate. While Black Ghost is interesting and good, it is not as good as the other Fantôme beers that we’ve had. The herbal characteristics do tend to dominate, especially as the beer warms.

From the Shelton Brothers website: “Once described as a Belgian Irish-style stout, Black Ghost has undergone lots of changes over the years. It now bears no resemblance whatsoever to a stout, and brewer Dany Prignon has begun adding spices to the beer. What they are is anybody’s guess . . . . the Fantôme confounds once again.”

ABV: 8.0%


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