Sunday, April 18, 2010

292. Barley’s Blurry Bike IPA

This marks our second beer from Barley’s in Columbus, OH. I picked a growler of this up on the way back from Zanesville. Our last beef from Barley’s was their Rye IPA. Yummy.

Blurry Bike IPA pours a hazy bright copper with a funky white head—Elli was slightly disconcerted by the head of the beer. The nose is a combination of earthy, floral, herbal, and grassy hop aromas and crystal malt sweetness. Starting with a dry malty base, Blurry Bike has just the right touch of sweetness in the front to compliment and lead into the hop flavors and bitterness in the beer’s middle. The middle has a good dose of drying bitterness and grassy and herbal hop flavors with a light touch of citrus—the bitterness is both fresh and slightly raw on the palate, providing a crisp, clean bite. Blurry Bike has a medium body and carbonation bite, although it is a bit soft on the mouth. There is a decent amount of puckering and tongue curling from the hops. Good and fresh tasting across the board—a very delicious and enjoyable beer, one that you could happily drink all night long. This would be an awesome beer on cask (which I am sure that Barley’s has done)—the soft mouthfeel would work nicely with the sweet sweet cask action.

From the Barley’s website: “This is the second in our ‘Bike Series.’ Blurry Bike IPA may be the most refreshing IPA we’ve brewed. This IPA is brewed exclusively with Columbus hops for a citrus note that resonates clean and crisp. Go for a ride!”

ABV: 5.8%
OG: 1.058
IBU: 79.66
Malt: British Pale and American Crystal 20
Hops: American Columbus


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