Thursday, April 22, 2010

296. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

The latest and most recent Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada (well, besides yesterday’s beer); we got a growler of this from the Party Source last week when I was passing through to get some new ink work done at Ink Well Tattoo in La Grange, KY. Including yesterday’s beer, our previous Sierra Nevada beers include 30th Anniversary Fritz and Ken’s Ale, Kellerweis, Celebration, Torpedo Extra IPA, Anniversary Ale 2009 and Harvest Wet Hop Ale 2008. As well, I would like to point out that I am still not completely convinced of Sierra Nevada’s sincerity...

Bigfoot 2010 is a deep rich copper that pours with very little head; the nose is malty, with just a touch of hop bitterness, but nothing very distinct. The front is very malty—big and sweet and caramelly, and the middle is equally big with the bitterness, although not much in the way of distinct hop flavor. The end is a partial combination of both the front and the middle: the sweetness returns, and concludes with a good dose of lingering bitterness. You can almost taste the youngness of this beer—the big caramel and big bitterness do need some time to marry and mellow to make this beer more linear and drinkable, although the bright fresh flavors are very enjoyable. While the carbonation is a bit low (well, it was a growler), some more age is gonna be the key to bringing this beer together. Nonetheless, a delightful beer as it currently stands

From the Sierra Nevada website: “This year marks the 25th release of Bigfoot. Our award-winning barleywine boasts a dense, fruity bouquet, an intense flavor palate and a deep reddish-brown color. Its big maltiness is superbly balanced by a wonderfully bittersweet hoppiness.”

ABV: 9.6%
OG: 23° P
FG: 6° P
IBU: 90
Malts: 2-row Pale and English Caramel
Bittering Hops: Chinook
Finishing Hops: Cascade & Centennial
Dry Hops: Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook

Our friend Jeffery also brought over a bottle of Nøgne Ø #100 to drink along with the Bigfoot. #100 has a fruity raisin nose, and a good share of fruit in the body; the front is fruity, while the middle has chocolate and brown malt flavors along with some bitterness. The carbonation was rather low, and there was some slight warmth from the alcohol, although it was very well-balanced for a 10% ABV beer.

From the Nøgne Ø website: “Our 100th batch, brewed for the enjoyment of the brewers, but popular demand forced us to release it commercially. This malty, yet light bodied ale has a massive hop bitterness. Most enjoyable in a comfortable chair in front of a roaring fire.”

ABV: 10.0%
OG: 23.5° P
IBU: 80
Malt: Maris Otter, Wheat, & Chocolate
Hops: Columbus, Chinook, & Centennial hops


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