Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1. French Broad Rye Hopper Ale

From the lovely French Broad Brewing Company in Franklin, NC

Delightful selection to start things off. Rye Hopper has a biscuity and bready nose, with a chewy full mouthfeel, a dark amber color, and a nice clean lacy head. In terms of taste profile, the beer has a strong smoky flavor with a nice balance betweeen the spiciness of rye and hop bitterness. Beer became spicier as the bottle warmed, but malty body carried the flavors well.

Very good overall--I wish we could find this locally because we'd drink it regularly.

From the bottle: "Rye Hopper is an Asheville interpretation of an American Rye Ale. The rye malt character is accompanied by a distinctly heady American hop profile and a smoothly, bittersweet finish."

ABV: 5.9%
SRM: 10.5
IBU: 59
OG: 15° P


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  1. hey, we went to the french broad brewery with mandrew and laura, while visiting... steve and betsy. would have liked to try the rye.

    "want some rye? course ya do."