Sunday, July 26, 2009

26. Brauerei Hofstetter Seit 1229 Granit Bock

Labeled as a Stein Bier Bock, Seit 1229 Granit Bock is brewed by Brauerei Hofstetten in St.Martin, Austria.

Granit Bock has a malty, caramel nose and a hazy toffee color—it’s a dark-ass brown that makes you think of rich sweet gooey goodness—with an off-white and almost tan but very minimal head. It opens with both a sweet and burnt sugar malt flavor; the caramelized sugars created by the white-hot rocks used to heat the wort are prominently featured in the opening malt profile. From here, Granit Bock moves into a lightly spicy but drier middle before closing by returning to the malt sweetness, although with less burnt or caramel flavors than found in the front of the beer. The medium bodied mouthfeel has some slightly syrupy and sticky components to it, particularly as it warms. There is no discernable hop presence detectable in the beer; the spiciness noted in the middle seemed more related to yeast flavors and the malt profile, particularly as the end was marked mainly by sweetness. While the malt profile is suitably complex, it does have a bit too much sweetness to it—a better balance would make the beer more enjoyable, especially as the sweetness becomes a bit cloying as the beer warms.

(MF Doom is like D. B. Cooper )

From the B. United International Inc. website: "Unfiltered, Unpasteurized & Bottle Conditioned. Granit Bock is brewed according to the historic style “Stone Beer” (Stein Bier). Stone beer is a unique style that comes from the Baden-Wurttenberg & Franconia regions of Germany and the Kaerten region in Austria, it dates back to the Middle Ages. Granit Bock is brewed in large granite open troughs. The granite stones are then heated to be white hot and added to the wort. This causes the sugars in the malt to caramelize around the stones and gives the beer lovely caramel and roasted flavors. It also gives the Granit Bock a unique smoked flavor.Yeast is added about 1 hour after the white hot rocks have been added to the wort, allowing for an open fermentation. Granit Bock is then matured for several months on the cool cellars under the brewery."

ABV: 7.3%
OG: 17.8° P


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