Friday, July 3, 2009

3. Kona Wailua Wheat w/ Passion Fruit

“This is what beer tastes like to people who don’t like beer.”

While paradise may be only a stone’s throw away from the Kona Brewery in Kona, Hawaii, this is not one of their better beers (I do like the Fire Rock Pale Ale), although this may have more to do with the beer we got than the actual or intended beer itself. As the quote above indicates, there were some “problems” with the beer from the get go.

Wailua Wheat has a light yellow straw color, with a light head and the slightly sour nose found in many wheat beers. The light crisp mouthfeel is helped by the sharp clean carbonation; however, there was a slight metallic taste in the beer coupled with sourness in the body—sort of like the skunkiness of an older Heineken, but much much moreso. The overall taste indicated that something had gone awry with the beer, although it was not completely clear whether it was from the distance traveled or a break down somewhere in the brewing process itself. The passion fruit flavor was rather minimal as well; overall it was a light and far too much in the background. Again, this could also have been a product of the other problems with the beer, although since the whole six pack had the same issues (yes, I forced myself to drink the rest of it), I’m not sure what more to add. Let’s just say that as it stands, this one will probably be a top ten worst candidate.

From the Kona website: “Wailua Wheat Ale is an excellent beer to enjoy after a day on the water or at the beach (or even after mowing the lawn or playing softball in your ‘pau hana’ summer league!). It typically pairs well with lighter fare like grilled fish and shrimp, roasted chicken, salads and Asian foods. Perhaps even a dish of vanilla ice cream.”

ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 15
OG: 12.0° P


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