Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15. Shipyard Bluefin Stout

Shipyard Brewing Company makes its home in Portland, ME (the other Portland).

Bluefin is a traditional “stout-colored” stout, with red hints in the light. The body is a bit thin for a stout, and it could use more head (insert appropriately trite phallic reference here), but the overall mouthfeel is clean and pleasant. Burnt caramel and roasted flavor at the front, slight bitterness with no discernable hop flavor in the middle, and a clean burnt finish. Bluefin is a little uneven in the transitions—it could be more rounded, and less sharp or coarse on the palate with the burnt flavors. The nose improves as the beer warms, giving it more burnt notes in the aroma to flesh out the initial flavor. Overall, there’s nothing that makes you not want to drink it, but it is not terribly exciting. I’m reminded of an passage from Sherman Alexie’s “Assimilation,” where the central character attempts to rationalize her desire to cheat on her white husband: “White men were neutral, she thought, just like Belgium! And when has Belgium ever been sexy? When has Belgium caused a grown woman to shake with fear and guilt? She didn’t want to feel Belgian; she wanted to feel dangerous” (5). So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m left feeling rather Belgian by Bluefin.

From the Shipyard website: “Classic Irish Stout. Full bodied, yet soft and spectacular in appearance.”

ABV: 4.7%

Kinda lame website; there’s not much information, it’s not well organized, and everything runs through a central frame. I mean, come on—this is your business. Get your head in the game, and either invest the money for a real website, or get someone who won’t use a TRS 80 with circa 1990’s graphics to set up your website. After all, my blog’s better organized, and I’m a 40 year old technophobe.


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