Friday, July 31, 2009

31. Great Divide Double Wit

Yet another beer from Great Divide in ­­­Denver, CO. That’s right, we’re riding Great Divide like New Yorkers ride mass transit. Or like MF Doom drops sick rhymes. Or like Jon Stewart rocks fake-ass news. Basically, like anything that signifies something that can carry a whole friggin’ lot (like mass transit—I tried to think of something to do with a supertanker, but oil and Valdez references would blow the whole bad ass big boy blowin’ up reference) or that is really really large and is also well done (like Doom and Stewart). So maybe the mass transit reference could use some work. So sue me. Welcome the fine fine slippage of signification. And yes, I do take pleasure in explaining own jokes—it’s one of my comedic touchstones (nod to Bill).

Double Wit has a citrusy, spicy nose to start with a cloudy straw/maize color and a creamy luxurious head. It starts with a golden malt flavor followed by spiciness in the middle, and concludes with citrus tartness at the back of the tongue. There are some slight acidic notes, and slight alcohol notes in the flavor as the beer warms, along with some candy and sweet notes in the front. Light to medium bodied and well carbonated, Double Wit needs a little more punch to be a solid double. While the body is smooth and rounded, and while flavors are both crisp and fresh, it is good but not especially exciting. It almost starts to veer into a golden ale without the reciprocal complexity of flavors.

From Great Divide’s website: “Double Wit is our more muscular take on the beloved white ales of Belgium. Unmalted wheat and Belgian malted barley give the beer a light body and straw hue, while coriander and curaçao provide the traditional notes of spice and light acidity. This cloudy, deceptively drinkable creation should be enjoyed without the addition of fruit.”

What?!? No fat pulpy slice of crappy lemon in my beer? You might actually sound like you know what you’re talking about, you crazy risk takers!

ABV: 8.1%


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