Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14. Pelican India Pelican Ale

Pelican Pub & Brewery is located in Pacific City on Oregon coast (see map below). This means that besides the yummy beer, you’ll be getting scenic vistas that will make postcard companies envious. So don’t forget your camera. Or your microbrewery guide.

India Pelican Ale starts with a toasty malt and citrus hop nose. It has an amber color, and rich white head laces about halfway down the glass. The beer begins with a warm toasty malt taste that quickly fades into hop flavor—Pelican IPA is extremely dry throughout, and moves into both resinous and citrus hop flavors after the initial malt tastes before finishing crisp with a resinous bite and a slight warm feeling in mouth. The nose gets more resinous as it warms, as does taste and finish; while it does lose its balance a little as it warms, it is still a delicious and classic example of a Northwest IPA.

(note Elli grating cheese for dinner in background)

From the Pelican website: “Our mascot, Phil the Pelican, got this recipe from his long-lost Indian cousin, and has recreated the flavor of the British Empire with his own American twist. Enjoy the huge Cascade hop aroma, the subtle malty sweetness, and the spicy, citrusy flavor of this robust, gold colored ale. This brew began life as a seasonal beer during our first year and was so popular while we had it, and so frequently requested when it was gone, that we turned it into our fifth regular beer style the second year.”

Pale Ale Malt
Caramel Malt
Cascade Malt
Magnum Hops
Centennial Hops

ABV: 7.5%
SRM: 15
IBU: 85
OG: 17° P


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