Wednesday, July 7, 2010

372. Saison Dupont

Saison Dupont is brewed by Brasserie Dupont in Tourpes, Belgium, where they have been brewing since 1844. That’s one year less than the house I live it, but that’s still quite impressive. We had this with a delicious dinner of mussels and mushroom ravioli. Yum yum.

Pouring a hazy gold with mousse-y and pillow-y head, Saison Dupont has a earthy and spicy nose with a bit of a hop tang; there is not much malt aroma present, although that’s par for the course for a saison. Flavors start dry and slightly sweet in the front, moving into an earthy and bitter middle, although the earthiness is bright and fresh—let’s call it a bright loaminess. The finish is dry, spicy, and lightly grainy with a bit of creaminess and some bitterness that lingers. Saison Dupont has a medium to light body with a bright, fresh, and crisp mouthfeel that also has a touch of softness; the body is well-attenuated and lightly puckering from both the low levels of malt and the hops. The carbonation is starts soft, but picks up until the final third to finish bright and tart on the palate. A delicious beer, although not the most complex in regards to the flavor profile. Nonetheless, we can see why this beer is the standard-bearer for the style—the brightness and crispness would be perfect on a hot summer afternoon. We approve.

From the Brasserie Dupont website: “The Saison Dupont is a top fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle. Since 1844, this beer has been brewed in our farm-brewery, during the winter time. Then this beer became a second refermentation in the barrel. During the next summer, this very thirst-quenching beer was served to the ‘saisoniers’ which were working on the fields. Surely therefore, our Saison Dupont is considered as ‘the classic’ among the Belgian season beers! Coppery blond, the finest aromas and a strong bitterness transform this beer into a thirst-quenchener with no equal, just the way it was created. Our selection of yeasts is the perfect base for these typical aromas and ditto taste. A real refermentation in the bottle, which will continue for a long time in your cellar, result into this complex and particular aromatic beer.”

ABV: 6.5%


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