Friday, July 23, 2010

388. Heinzelmännchen IGA

We were passing through Sylva, NC, so we swung by the Heinzelmännchen Brewery to check out the scene and to see if Dieter had anything new, which he did. After our sampling, we grabbed a growler to go and hit the road. We’ve previously tried Heinzelmännchen’s Hoppy Gnome. Oh, and Dieter mentioned that the grain from this beer was grown near his hometown in Germany, which I thought was a nice touch.

IGA (Imperial Gnome Ale) pours a ruddy and slightly hazy amber with a minimal white head (well, it is in a growler, and we grabbed it a couple of days ago). The nose is dry and biscuit with small amounts of fruit esters. Flavors start with biscuit and caramel and a touch of toffee; the middle has low levels of bitterness; the finish is rather clean, with a bit more of the biscuit that returns for the finish. Soft mouthfeel, with a bit of chewiness, and the carbonation is light and pretty minimal in the overall presence on the palate. Good, but not as IPA-y as we expected—it tasted more Belgian-like overall with fruit esters and some malt complexity—it was lacking a bit on the hoppiness across the profile. Still, an enjoyable beer, and it is always nice to see how Dieter is playing with the German brewing paradigms.


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