Thursday, July 8, 2010

373. Tusker Lager

Our first beer from Tusker, and our first beer from Kenya and from Africa as well—it’s “Kenya’s Heritage since 1922.” Made by East African Breweries Limited in Nairobi, Kenya, the brewery also supports Tusker F.C., a professional soccer team. Awesome.

Tusker pours a crystal clear straw with a creamy white head. And the crystal clear part is something of an understatement. Dag. You could burn ants with the light that cuts through this beer. Sorry, ants. The nose is a soft malt with a bit of creamed corn, and in this beer flavors follow aroma—flavors open with a soft corny sweetness before moving into a bit of dry creaminess in the middle, and finishing with a touch of bitterness and that classic imported foreign lager flavor—slightly skunky and a bit international. The mouthfeel is soft and lightly creamy, matching the medium body, and the carbonation is medium to light with a bit of crispness. A classic international lager, although we do miss the old school label with the nature preserve collection of animals—it was a bit cooler than the current label, although the elephant is a nice touch. Word.

From the bottle: “Tusker Lager has been brewed in East Africa since 1922. Named after the elephant that killed George Hurst, one of the brewery’s founders, Tusker claims that special heritage of being one of the first beers in East Africa. Over the years, this unique lager has become a part of East Africa’s rich tradition. Tusker is brewed with high quality malt, made from equatorial barley grown at the base of Mt. Kenya, choicest hops and water that springs from the renowned Aberdare mountain ranges. Tusker’s famous crisp, refreshing taste and finest quality has continuously earned Gold Medals in the prestigious International Monde Selection Awards.”

From the East Africa Breweries website: “100% African ingredients.Tusker is brewed from 100% African ingredients that are all locally sourced. The barley is from the Savannah and the Maasai Mara. The spring water is from the Aberdare Mountains. All the yeast is developed locally. The cornstarch is sourced from a local Kenyan company. Every grain of sugar is delivered from West Kenya. This means that you feel closely connected to the origins and roots of Tusker. 100% African inspiration. The taste of African spirit can inspire you going forwards, by re-connecting you with your roots. As the old proverb goes, ‘to know where you are going, you must first know where you have come from.’ Tusker drinkers see the traditions, beliefs and cultures of their roots as the springboard for inspiration. They are full of optimism; focused on looking forwards, not backwards. Today’s triumphs are born out of and inspired by where we have come from – Tusker. Refresh Your Roots.”

ABV: 4.2%


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