Saturday, July 10, 2010

375. Jackie O’s OPA

Since I was in Athens judging beer for Ohio Brew Week, I figured it was my civic duty to grab a couple of growlers from Jackie O’s. The best part was that since I was a judge, they had a nice reception for all of us in the smaller original part of Jackie O’s after judging was over, and had some tasty special treats on tap. Ah, the velvet rope. Sometimes it is nice to be on the other side. I tried the Black Bacon Ryno on tap (which was good, but had more smoke than bacon flavor), and grabbed the OPA to take home to share with Elli. Ah, love. Oh, and this is our second beer from Jackie O’s (three if you want to count this—see the bottom); the last one was a bottle of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Impy Razz. Here’s hoping for many many more.

Ohio Pale Ale pours a hazy dull gold with a thin white head; the nose has a gentle malt aroma with a slight corny aroma followed by some general bitterness. Flavors favor bitterness pretty much across the profile; there is some initial light malt flavor mixed with some hop grassiness before the bitterness of the middle takes over, and continues all the way through the finish, lingering nicely on the sides and back of the tongue. There is not much else in the way of malt characteristics—the balance is certainly towards the hops here. OPA has a medium body with a soft, slightly creamy mouthfeel. The carbonation is light and gentle; it does peak a touch in the final third, but is mostly gentle on the palate. There is fair amount of hop tang on the tongue along with a slight metallic bite to accompany the lingering bitterness. OPA is well made and easy drinking; while it is not the most exciting beer, it is hard to argue with quality.

From the Jackie O’s website: “A regional favorite that has hop heads rejoicing. A golden hue and thick white head invite the hop lover in all of us to enjoy floral notes infused with lemons and fresh cut grass. The taste is bitter as malts resonate through the abundant Cascade and Centennial hop character. The finish is reminiscent of bouquets, citrus groves, and peppered earth. Triumphantly back after being discontinued due to the 2007 and 2008 hop shortage.”

ABV: 6.0%
Malt: American 2-row, Munich, Cara 8, & White Wheat
Hops: Warrior, Perle, Centennial, & Cascade


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