Thursday, July 22, 2010

387. The Duck Rabbit Duck-Rabbator Dopplebock

The Duck-Rabbit
is back in the house.
If you drink enough, you’ll get soused
by that 8.5% ABV—look, you’ll see.
It’s made in the state of North Caroline-e.
We’ve tried Wee Heavy, Brown Ale, and Milk Stout:
drinking Duck-Rabbit is what it’s all about.
The nose is malty, fruity, toasty and rich.
Pouring an orange-ish brown, it’s clear which
direction this review is headed:
it is to my rhymes I am indebted.
The front is malty sweet with melanoidin.
The middle is chewy like an oatmeal raisin
cookie, along with some of that fruit.
My rhymes are weak, my observations cute.
The end is smooth with a dry clean finish,
we’ve got good attenuation that can’t diminish
the slight alcohol warming on the throat.
This Duck-Rabbit label has the horns of a goat.
This beer is good, and should get better;
the last two bottles I’m saving for winter.
So keep Duck-Rabbator Dopplebock in stock;
to my experience this one you’ll chalk.
Drinking it down you’ll be the toast of the town—
ignore my words and you’ll be seen as a clown.


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