Tuesday, July 27, 2010

392. Sixpoint Signal

Since I like to pretend I’m a jet-setting trendsetter, this Tuesday found me flying to Brooklyn (well La Guardia, actually) to harass my friends Adam and Jenn. While Brooklyn means many things to many people, to me it spells good food and good drink. And not necessarily in that order. Adam and my initial wanderings post-airport pickup led us to some afternoon barhopping, including a stop at the Pacific Standard, a delightful bar with a stellar line-up of options (see also here). My choice was Sixpoint Signal from Sixpoint Craft Ales, which is located in Brooklyn, NY (don’t worry, there’ll be more from them soon). As for my notes on the beer, I didn’t take any. Let’s just say the beer was good. I did steal one of the bar menus, so I’ve included their description of the beer below. Sorry, but it’s called a vacation for a reason.

From the Pacific Standard bar menu: “Signal, a very-limited edition beer that was brewed in honor of New York City’s official Good Beer Month, and debuted at the Meatopia BBQ, is a light, fruity beer that’s good summer drinking, with just a faint note of smoke that helps it to go with barbecued meats. Get it while you can, because it won’t be around much longer. ABV unknown, probably low.”

I found this variously listed as an APA and an American IPA. Anyone want to help out here?


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