Monday, July 12, 2010

377. 21st Amendment Bitter American

Gotta love the name on this one. The only thing that could be better would be to name it the Ugly American, but that has less brewing panache than the Bitter American. So bitter it is. This is our third beer from 21st Amendment, and our first beer out of the keg (we’ve tried Monk’s Blood and Brew Free or Die IPA in the can). This beer is part of the Big Can series, which is their specialty draft series: “Each quarter, we offer a new small batch, hand-crafted, draft only selection. Each of the beers in our draft-only series are favorites at our San Francisco brewpub and many are award winning brews. Available in limited supply in half and sixth barrels.” This beer, not coincidentally, happens to be the Summer Seasonal of the series, although I will say that I like the sound of the Spring Seasonal, Golden Doom Belgian Ale. We had this on tap at South Park Tavern, which probably surprises no one. Sadly, however, we lost our notes after drinking the beer. Which means is all that you get is the comment that we liked this beer. So until we find our missing notes (and that also assumes that we will—who knows?), you’ll have to placate yourself with the brewery’s description of the beer. Mea culpa.

From the 21st Amendment website: “Like our founding fathers, arguing over a few pints of ale, this summertime session ale provides the perfect forum to air all your grievances. Our extra pale ale has lower alcohol but al the flavor and hop aroma you expect from a much bigger beer. Give one, or three, a try.”

ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 42
Malts: Rahr Pale, Simpsons Golden Promise, Global Munich, Crisp Crystal 43, & Crisp Crystal 15 Hops: Warrior & Cascade
Dry Hops: Simcoe & Centennial


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