Sunday, July 18, 2010

383. Boulder Kinda Blue

Another big bottle from Boulder Brewing, this one coming in the form of their newest summer beer. Wonder Twin powers, activate! Then again, if I turned myself into a giant glass of beer, could I actually drink myself? That sounds like it has all the makings of some multi-dimensional universe destroying paradox, along the lines of traveling back in time to meet yourself. People would be all like “My God! He’ll destroy the very fabric of the solar system!” And I’d be all like “Nah, I’ll just be chillin’.” But I digress. This makes lucky number 7 from Boulder: we’ve previously had a drink-off between Singletrack Copper Ale and Pass Time Pale Ale, and also tried Mojo IPA, Hazed & Infused, Obovoid and Flashback. Solid.

Described on the bottle as a “blueberry wheat beer,” Kinda Blue pours, well, kinda blue. Actually it is more a lightly clear purple and/or reddish color—kinda the color of a darker ice tea. The head is thin and white and the nose is lightly fruity and lightly musty—almost a bit jammy. There is also some wheat graininess buried underneath the fruit aromas. Flavors start with a light touch of blueberry sweetness in the front before moving into a more general fruit flavor in the middle coupled with some of the classic American wheat sourness and graininess. The finish is mostly clean but it has a bit of lingering fruit sweetness that continues on and is slightly cloying, disrupting the overall effect. The body is medium with a lightly creamy and sticky mouthfeel; the carbonation is medium to low and carries some of the slightly sour tang that is perceived as part of the flavor. The initial touch of blueberry flavor in the front and barely into the middle is nice, but when it turns to a more generic “fruit” flavor, the beer drops off. As well, the American wheat yeast characteristics dampen the overall effect—the slight sourness and graininess makes the body feel heavier than it should without any reciprocal lightening on the palate, ending with a rather dull and listless sensation. We think this would be a much better beer with either a Belgian or German wheat yeast strain—you’d get the nice fruit flavor accompanied by a brighter and more effervescent carbonation and mouthfeel that would make the beer both refreshing and thirst quenching. We love Boulder beer, but this one is kinda weak.

Four finger ring! Pow to M.C. Split-nose!

From the bottle: “So what did the brewers at Boulder Beer Company compose for the 10th release in our Looking Glass series? An American wheat, placed in perfect measure with muted tones of blueberry. Kinda Blue—a tasty and tasteful summer brew that you can’t turn your back on. It’s as cool as the day is long. In every great collection there are standards. Make this one of yours.”

ABV: 5.5%

Maybe I just wouldn’t turn myself into this beer...


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