Thursday, July 29, 2010

394. Sixpoint Righteous Rye and Sweet Action

A nice mellow vacation would fit the bill
So I’ll just be chillin’ in good ol’ Clinton Hill...

Tonight’s escapades include something of a mini Sixpoint marathon. Adam took me down to the Brooklyn Public House for dinner, and lo and behold: lots ’o Sixpoint on tap. Color me served. With beer. Both were delicious. But I’m still not taking notes. You’ll have to beg better than that, my pretties. I did find all y’all some nice descriptions from the internet, however.

From an interview with Shane Welch: “Righteous Ale – a unique style all its own. This beer is made with a significant proportion or rye malt, which lends a distinct sharpness. I ferment it with a blend of yeast – the Belgian Dubbel yeast and our IPA yeast – which adds an extra dimension of complexity. A small contribution of chocolate rye lends a distinct nuttiness. The second beer by Sixpoint to receive a cult following. 8.4% ABV, 64 IBU.”

From the same interview: “Sweet Action – a hard one to describe, simply because it doesn’t fit into any particular style. It’s made with Pilsner and Pale Malts, but is hopped with only noble hops. It’s fermented with a Belgian yeast that provides a dry spiciness. Look for a unique orange taste underneath it all. 6.9% ABV, 33 IBU.”

The ABV listings are all over the map for these two beers, so I’ll leave it at that. Plus, Sixpoint is soon to be launching a Mad Scientists Series. Word!


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